SALOMON Women's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

SALOMON Women's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review

Shoes must be protected from dust, water and the sun so that they do not fade or distort during storage. If you hold your shoes well, it will look good and it will stay nice for a few seasons.

How to Store Running Shoes : Prepare shoes for storage

Clean shoes. Bearing shoes that contain dirt, dust and other dirt can shorten the material of the shoe. This is especially true for leather or suede shoes. All shoes must be cleaned before storage. If you only store shoes at night and want to wear them tomorrow, it is advisable to clean them before putting them on. Let it dry before storage.

Sort by season and destination. If you previously put all your shoes, heels and sneakers in a pile and chose a pair if needed, it's time to sort the shoes. If you organize them based on the season and the goals, your wardrobe remains organized and your shoes are in better condition than just putting them together.

Find a dark storage space and a controlled temperature. Shoes remain in excellent condition when they are not exposed to much sunlight and high or low temperatures are not observed. The best place to store your shoes is a cool dark wardrobe that is not too hot and hard. If there is insufficient space in your closet, you can store it under the bed or on the wall of your bedroom.

Their ingredients are paperless with acids. If you store shoes for a month or more before wearing them later, you can fill them with paper to keep their shape. Make sure there is no acid paper on it, because acid paper can damage shoes. Do not use printed paper, as this can damage your shoes.

Stand still. If you have a pair of nice shoes that you want to keep, use shoes to ensure they stand upright. If the tips are trimmed, they may show permanent wrinkles after a few months of storage. If you do not want to invest in shoes, try these tricks: use empty bottles and dry bottles to save shoes.