ASICS Women's Frequent Trail Running Shoe, Mid Grey/Carbon, 11

ASICS Women's Frequent Trail Running Shoe, Mid Grey/Carbon, 11 Review

How to Choose Running Shoes : A multitude of different opinions about tennis - and what is good or bad - can make it difficult to choose the perfect match for you. The goal at the end of the day is to find a good pair of sneakers that are made for your specific needs and that look good after you have registered a few miles on them. Use this guide as a cheat sheet the next time you are on the market for a new pair of running shoes.


Specialty shops - stores that only sell shoes and running gear - are one of the best places if you need a pair of sneakers. Team members are usually runners and are trained by the store or the brands themselves to equip them with the perfect pair of shoes.

If you do not live near a specialized store, go to a large store that is equipped with research and make sure that the knowledge of the employees, in combination with yours, brings you the right shoes for your needs.

Sales employee

The person who suits you must be a runner who is trained to analyze running after seeing and running. Do not assume that the elderly have more knowledge than the younger ones. A student who has spent several years in the store may know more and have more experience than anyone else. Don't feel bad, ask for references if your health and fitness are at risk.

Possible questions

The seller will probably ask you a few questions about your breed. Prepare for smart answers so that you are not posted on the site. Questions can be: how often do you run? What is your typical weekly mileage? Are you training something specific? Will you increase your mileage in the near future?