Inov-8 Women's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe

Inov-8 Women's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe Review

How to Choose Running Shoes : Your old shoes

If you do not buy running shoes for the first time, take your old shoes with you. An experienced employee will find it helpful to look at the wear pattern of your shoes and determine if the shoe you are walking on is the best solution. Shoes 300 to 500 miles will tell you better than watching a race for a few minutes.

It's good to worry about color.

Twenty years ago, the brand produced one, perhaps two, different colors in a specific shoe. Currently, companies offer many color options for most models of their shoes. This means that you can choose the color you like after finding the shoe that is the best biomechanically for you. You want to make sure what you wear, and if it's not good to wear shoes in the morning or if you can't take it anymore, they won't help you reach your fitness goals.

Buy shoes when using a mattress

Do you like a soft or hard mattress? Which one feels better when you go to the store? If you like a hard mattress but are buying a soft mattress because what you felt when you went to sleep, probably after a week or two, you will not be satisfied with the decision.

Do not hesitate to choose the type of shoe. Memory foam, a common element of running shoes, can make your shoes feel like walking on clouds. If you're not the cloud type and prefer to feel a little more on the road, you won't like this shoe in the long run.

When choosing shoes, consider your long-term personal preferences, not just how they feel during the first 20 seconds of wear.


You followed these tips, bought a pair of shoes you were interested in, walked for a week, and now you hate them. They rub you in the wrong place and this handy new damping system convinces the seller that you should have? Well, now you must.

Do not worry.

If you are a type of runner who needs a little more time than the store, consider buying running shoes at the store where you can shop and try on. Some stores offer a VIP program in which you have 90 days to try on shoes. If you do not like them now, send them back to the next pair.

A good return policy is not limited to stores with large boxes; Similar programs can be found in the local section where you have up to 60 days to return the article if you are not satisfied with how it behaves, presents or slides.