adidas outdoor Women's Terrex Skychaser Lt GTX Walking Shoe

adidas outdoor Women's Terrex Skychaser Lt GTX Walking Shoe Review

How to Store Running Shoes : Know what not to do

Avoid getting shoes on the water. Do not place shoes in a container for storage, even in openings, until it is completely dry. Wet shoes can be poured during storage and cause odor when stored wet. Store the shoes in a dry, ventilated place so that they can dry completely before storing.

Do not wrap leather shoes in plastic. Leather and suede shoes breathe during storage. Plastic packaging can cause mold or discolouration. Always wrap leather shoes in non-plastic acid-free tissues.

Shoe store with cedar, no naphthalene. Battle balls are made from toxic chemicals that control the butterfly, but are also harmful to children and pets. Deep balls also have a chemical odor that absorbs everything that is stored, and it is very difficult to remove. Do not store shoes with a ball of vomiting, but with a cedar ball or cedar wood. Cedar leaves cedar natural, non-toxic and leaves fresh shoes.

Do not wear shoes. Many people hold shoes together to make a place, but if they hold shoes, they can lose their shape over time. It is better to put together triggers, but for shoes with a large structure, keep them close. Even if you place them so that the shoes are turned over, they can change if you store them for a few months.