ASICS Women's Gel-Sonoma 4 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Sonoma 4 Running Shoes Review

Running is the best way to stay in shape and have fun - it's almost fashionable. However, it is important to do well. You want to join the crowd, but do it right? Learn how you can stay strong and prevent injuries in this manual. Here are additional resources to get you started.

How to Run : Goes smoothly

Ensure a state of health. If you start all over again, you shoot at the door, and your first 10 km makes you upset, angry and very upset that you won't do it again. In other words, don't bite more than you can chew. If you start walking without regular training, you can leave and stop before you start. The easiest way is to start walking. But it can be anything - if you are regularly physically active, your body will be able to handle the coming bitumen. Go for a walk, swim or dance. If it's fun, get better!

Get good sneakers. Some studies show that walking barefoot results in fewer injuries than jogging with running shoes, even the most unusual ones. However, you don't have to go anywhere except for an unexpected child or a ball. So look for shoes that can run barefoot. If you want to rub over shoes (vibrams), you have more power, but there are many minimalist shoes that do not have enough fingers.

Heat. The last thing you need is a shin bone of an splint, an elongated Achilles tendon or other damage that can be avoided. Get five or ten minutes before you start heating. However, this does not mean growing. The first extension can even hurt you! Instead, warm up your muscles by bumping, banging your ass, lunges, and other exercises that can work for both muscles and work. Save extension for the time frame.

Keep your body relaxed. Make sure your body is fluid and relaxed, but not bent. Try to keep your arms and shoulders relaxed while you hold your hind legs. Also keep your head and neck relaxed. Push widespread tension through the spine and your entire body, which you can wear well if you don't.

Keep breathing deeply. It is important that you breathe with a rhythm that gives your body the same oxygen saturation. Instead of being breasts, you get a stomach. Make a conscious effort to fill your stomach with the diaphragm. You get more oxygen and your muscles (together with your heart) are less tired. Don't worry if you breathe through your nose or mouth. Some runners see that they breathe through their mouths, while others find that nose and mouth breathing works well. Find everything that looks good to you. If you walk at a medium speed, you should easily talk to a couple that works without much effort. If you can't do that, in most cases you walk fast to get far.