No matter how much you clean your feet, it still smells bad. Especially if you wear the same sandals every day. Whether you run, walk or sit all day. Feet definitely sweat, and some people sweat more than others. over time The moisture on your Shoes encourages bacteria to grow. This can make the smell of bacteria worse.

How to Properly Clean Smelly Shoes

Finding the right deodorizer can be very helpful. But finding the cause of the problem is also important. To avoid peculiar smells, keep your shoes and feet as dry as possible. Change your shoes regularly to avoid wearing the same shoes every day. while you’re there You should wear socks so they can absorb sweat or moisture right in front of your Shoes. But if the inevitable happens Read these step-by-step instructions and get rid of your smelly Shoes right away.

Step by Step Instructions For Cleaning Smelly Shoes

If you feel unusually tight Use them as a signal to properly clean your shoes. Focusing on odors and disinfecting shoes with a disinfectant. You can fix the problem from the inside out. However, make sure your shoes are completely dry before cleaning. If wet due to daily wear, exercise, or bad weather Fill it with crumpled newspaper and let it dry in the sun. If the smell persists Try doing it yourself with the next method.

Add two socks of baking soda, tie them on top, and place a pair of socks in each shoe. leave it overnight

to kill odor-causing bacteria and fungi Spray an antiseptic, such as lysol, on the inside of your shoes. You can also sprinkle foot powder or baking powder inside for a similar effect. for a more natural look Choose an essential oil-infused Shoe-Pourri spray or use Woodlore Cedar Shoe Fresh on each sole.

Some Shoes, such as Rothy and Allbirds, are machine washable. Follow care instructions for best results. In general, shoes that are machine washable should always be gently washed with cold water and a mild detergent. Dry naturally.

Just because the smell is gone doesn’t mean the job is over. Dry your shoes and take turns to prevent future odors. If you’ve tried your best to get rid of the smell and it doesn’t work. It’s time to buy new shoes.