Brooks Men's Running Shoes

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    • Imported
    • Gum Rubber sole
    • Fashion Trend: Low Top Mesh Road Running
    • 8874712
    • Athletic
    • Model Number: 1102614E071
    • Gender: mens

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Fall in love with the new Addiction 13. The BioMoGo DNA midsole provides adaptive cushioning, while the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar guarantees stability and comfort. The Segmented Crash Pad allows a soft and flowing heel-toe transition. If you add to all this an extra-comfortable upper in perforated mesh for moisture transpiration, you will discover why these shoes are addictive, but without any unpleasant side effects. Features: The BioMoGo DNA midsole offers adaptive cushioning, the Crash Pad segmented along the entire length of the foot ensures smooth transitions, the Omega Flex Grooves improve flexibility, great for running on the road, ideal for those with medium arched feet / flat, ideal for those with moderate pronation, 12 mm thick midsole. Weight 383 gr.
How to Buy Running Shoes. Running shoes can make a big difference to your comfort while running, whether it’s on a local trail, in the woods, or in a marathon. The correct torque can also help prevent accidents and injuries, and the wrong torque can increase the risk of injury. Therefore, buying the right pair of running shoes is a great decision, especially for the avid runner. Bring your running shoes and current socks or insoles. When shopping for a new pair of running shoes, it is important that you bring the shoes, socks, or insoles that you are using. This will help the seller to identify your needs and choose the right shoes for you. adequately. Your dealer can examine the wear patterns of your old shoes to confirm your running style. For example, if the scuff marks are mostly concentrated on the inside edge of your shoe, you tend to over-pronate while running. Overpronators often require shoes that stabilize or control movement. When trying on new shoes, it is important to wear normal socks and inserts; otherwise, you can buy a pair of shoes that look store-fitting, but you’ll feel pretty smart when you start running in them. You should also wear casual running clothes when shopping for sneakers, so you feel comfortable running on a treadmill or walking around the store when it’s time to try them on. Don’t go shopping for running shoes with a suit or sandals or slippers without socks.