Brooks Men's Race Running Shoe, 0

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    • Rubber sole
    • outer material: Canvas
    • closure type: Lace-Up

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Elastic and fast with zero distraction The cushioning of the BioMoGo midsole and the bouncing rubber create a feeling of elasticity to the sole of the foot. The midfoot transition zone is contoured for a quick transition from heel to toe. The monobloc mesh upper and the inner boot are so light and cool that you won’t feel them.
How to Buy Running Shoes. Running shoes can have a huge impact on how comfortable you run, whether it’s on a local trail, in the forest, or during a marathon. The right pair can also help prevent accidents and injury, and the wrong pair can increase the risk of injury. Therefore, buying the right pair of running shoes is a good decision, especially for the avid runner. Shop Strategically. Be prepared to spend some money. There is no hard and fast rule on how much it costs to spend on a pair of sneakers, but you can usually expect around $70-120. Running shoes are an investment: the right pair will help you run comfortably and avoid injury and accidents. Buying a good pair of sneakers now can save you money on treatment bills or physical therapist appointments. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap sneakers just because you found them in a cheap basement. You also shouldn’t consume too many products from the latest brands that claim to be using the very latest racing technology. It is unlikely that any of these options will be the perfect shoe for you.